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Article X : Laws of Conduct and the Code of Chivalry.

  1. Laws of Conduct.
    1. A Member of this Order is a Pagan dedicated to the channeling
      of spiritual energy to help and to heal himself and others.
    2. A Member knows that he is a part of the Whole of Nature. He
      strives to grow in understanding of the Unity of all Nature and to walk
      always in balance.
    3. A Member is always mindful of the diversity of Nature as well
      as its Unity. He strives to be tolerant of those whose race,
      appearance, sex, sexual orientation, culture, religion or spirituality,
      and other ways differ from his own.
    4. A Member uses magic wisely and never abuses it for aggression
      or malevolent purposes. He never directs it to curtail the free will of
    5. A Member strives always to be mindful that he creates his own
      reality, and that he has the power within to create positivity in his
    6. A Member strives always to act in an honorable manner: being
      honest with himself and with others, keeping his word when he has given
      it, and fulfilling all responsibilities and commitments he has taken on,
      to the best of his ability.
    7. A Member strives always to remember whatever is sent out
      always returns magnified to the sender. The Forces of the Universe move
      swiftly to remind the Member of these spiritual commitments when he
      begins to falter from them.
    8. A Member strives always to be strong and committed to the
      Spiritual Ideals of the Order in the face of adversity and negativity.
    9. A Member strives always to grow in Inner Wisdom and
      Understanding. He sees every problem as an opportunity to develop
      himself spiritually in solving it.
    10. A Member strives always to act out of love to all other
      beings on this planet -- to other humans, to plants, to animals, to
      minerals, to elementals, to spirits, to all other entities, and most
      especially to himself.
    11. A Member strives always to see that the God and Goddess in
      all their forms dwell within himself and that this divinity is reflected
      in his Inner Self, his Pagan Spirit.
    12. A Member strives always to channel love and light from within
      his inner being. His Inner Self, rather than his ego self, guides all
      his thoughts, feelings, and actions.
    13. Above all else, a Member of this Order is faithful to himself
      and his convictions, in word and deed, in all things and at all times.

  2. Code of Chivalry (Notae Eqestris Dignitatis).
    1. Chivalry is a high code of honor which is of most Pagan origin, and must be followed by all members and at all levels of the Holy Order of the Faithful Knights of the Round Table.
    2. A Knight practices personal pride, seeking perfection of body and mind.
    3. A Knight is admired for dignity, a gracious manner, and a good humor.
    4. Courage and Honor endure forever.
    5. A Knight is honest with others, and makes it known that honesty is likewise expected of others.
    6. A Knight's word must have the validity of a signed and witnessed oath.
    7. A Knight pledges friendship and fealty to those who so warrant.
    8. A Knight has power, and power waxes as wisdom increases.
    9. A Knight contemplates always the consequences upon others of his or her actions, striving always to harm none.
    10. A Knight never reveals the secrets of another Knight, nor of the Order, for many have labored long and hard for them.
    11. A Knight must be above reproach in the eyes of the world.
    12. A Knight obeys the laws of the land, whenever possible and within reason.
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