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The Coronation of Arthur

Here begins the tale of the Coronation of Pendragon Arthur. It is an ancient tale, and I pray my telling of it be pleasing to all.

Long ago, the people of the Island of Britain demanded to witness the corornation of Arthur as their Pendragon, for though the Great Barons had proclaimed him, there had never been a formal ceremony. Merlin heard the cries of the people, and he went to Arthur.

"My lord," he said. "The people wish to see you properly crowned."

"If the people wish it," said Arthur, "then it shall be so. Let us move the court to London, for I would take the crown in the place where I was first proclaimed King."

So it was that the Court was moved to London, and from all over the Island came the people of Britain, gathering in the Circle of the Stone, where Arthur had drawn out the sword. For it was that Circle that the king wished to receive his crown, so here the Court was assembled.

The Council of the King met to decide which of the Great Barons it would be who would place the crown upon Arthur's head. There was much debate between this one and that, until at last it was concluded that a tournament would be held, and the winner would have be given the right to bestow the sovereignty of Britain.

The next day, the tournament was announced. When Arthur learned of it, he was pleased, for a tournament would delight the people. But though the people were most entertained, at the of the day, there was no clear winner, for all the Dukes performed very well.

"What shall we do now?" they asked one another when they had assembled again at the Court.

Arthur turned to Merlin, who was ever his advisor, and asked, "Tell me, who was it placed the crown upon my father's head?"

"In ancient times," said Merlin, "the Kings of Britain were crowned by the Maidens of the Wells, who administered the blessings of sacred kingship. These blessings have been lost to our Island since the time of the Grail's withdrawl. So your father, Uther, took the crown himself."

"Then I shall do the same," said Arthur.

So the crowd gathered in the Circle, and the crown was brought to the King.

"I swear the solemn vow of kingship," said Arthur. "If I am forsworn, may the sky break and fall upon me, the earth open and swallow me, and may the sea rise and consume me. So swear I."

As Arthur placed the crown upon his brow, a cheer rose from the crowd, and each of the Great Barons came again to swear fealty to the Pendragon. There followed a great feast, and many adventures were begun then, as I shall relate a little later.

Here ends the tale of the Coronation of Arthur. May his Blessed Spirit be pleased with my telling of the tale, and may my ancestors smile upon me, now and ever.

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