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July 1488

Birhday Honours List, 1488
The following Citizens of New Avalon were made Members of the Duke's Household (MDH):
Lady Dindrane la Fay
Squire Galahad le Noctambule
Squire Mordred Damien
Sir Owain Coeur du Corbeau

The following Knights were made Champions of the Round Table (CRT):
Sir Tristain le Silencieux Bieanaime
Madame Isolde la Chevalierre Bieanaime
Sir Percival the True
Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant

And finally, big kudos are in order for Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant,
who has been named a Baron of the Round Table (BRT)
and given stewardship over the New Avalon Barony of Southmarch!
(See next news item.)

New Avalon's Baronies!
The Realm of New Avalon is growing, and to reflect this fact, the Duke has divided his Realm into three Baronies:
Northmarch, which encompasses the temporal State of Minnesota;
Southmarch, which encompasses the temporal State of Iowa;
and Eastmarch, which encompasses the northern half of the temporal State of Illinois.
At this time, New Avalon has but one Baron, the newly-appointed Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant of Southmarch. The other two Baronies are under the stewardship of Sir Percival the True (Northmarch) and Sir Tristain le Silencieux Bienaime (Eastmarch).

An Announcement and Invitation from the Duke.
His Most August Excellency, Sir Gawain Ravenshadow, Duke of New Avalon, wishes it to be made known that he has officially moved his Court from the City of Axeford, Falconbridgeshire, to the City of Wolverton, Wolfwoodshire. (In other words, he's moved from Ames, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.) What does that mean to the average person? Among other things, it means His Excellency will be holding Court and periodic rituals in City of Wolverton. And since there are so few Members in Wolverton, it also meas His Excellency is extending an INVITATION to NEW MEMBERS! That's right, if you're interested in joining the Order in the Minneapolis / St Paul region, the Duke would like to hear from you. Write to him at his personal e-mail address for more information.
On the other hand, if you live in the Ames / Des Moines area of Iowa, write to the Order's main address (care of Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant, Baron of Southmarch), for information about joining that area.

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