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September 1488


As you probably already know, we've moved from Geocities to Tripod. The reasons for this were many, but it really boils down to this: Tripod just seems more "user friendly," especially for those of us who are uploading and editing files.

Some other changes have been made to the site, including a new background (as you can see). Some of the files have been re-arranged (and there's more re-structuring to come).

In addition to the new site, we have a new e-mail address (, as well as a new counter and new guestbook (if you signed our guestbook on Geocities, please sign the new book as well).

So without further ado, here is the new URL for the Cult of Arthur's website:
Be sure to add a new bookmark!

New Legends!
In addition to all the other changes, a few new seasonal Legends have been added. These are
The Abduction of Guenivere, and
The Accusation of the Queen.
And coming soon, The Battle at Camlan!
If there is a particular tale you would like to see, please e-mail us and let us know.

An Announcement and Invitation from the Duke.
His Most August Excellency, Sir Gawain Ravenshadow, Duke of New Avalon, wishes it to be made known that he has officially moved his Court from the City of Axeford, Falconbridgeshire, to the City of Wolverton, Wolfwoodshire. (In other words, he's moved from Ames, Iowa, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.) What does that mean to the average person? Among other things, it means His Excellency will be holding Court and periodic rituals in City of Wolverton. And since there are so few Members in Wolverton, it also meas His Excellency is extending an INVITATION to NEW MEMBERS! That's right, if you're interested in joining the Order in the Minneapolis / St Paul region, the Duke would like to hear from you. Write to him at his personal e-mail address for more information.
On the other hand, if you live in the Ames / Des Moines area of Iowa, write to the Order's main address (care of Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant, Baron of Southmarch), for information about joining that area.

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