Article I : Name, Purpose, and Function.
  1. Name.
    1. The Religious Knighthood shall be named the Holy Order of the Faithful Knights of the Round Table.
    2. The heraldic device of the Order shall be: Azure, a cross quarterly gules fibriated argent, charged with a pentangle or.
    3. The Motto of the Order shall be: "la Queste est Eternel" ("The Quest is Eternal").
  2. Purpose.

    The Order was founded to create a Religious Knighthood based upon Modern Paganism, and drawn heavily from elements of Modern Celtic, Druidic, Arthurian, and Grail traditions; to engage in a spiritual Quest for a mystical object of spiritual transcendence, known as the Grail; and to be united to one another as an elite group who would by their unceasing efforts save the world from Chaos and destruction by the negative powers by which it is constantly threatened, and thus assure balance.

  3. Function.

    The Order holds periodic rituals to collectively worship our Gods, celebrate life, educate our members, and other religious and social activities.

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