Article V : The Chapel.

    A Chapel is a group of Companions which regularly meets to study
    and worship.
  1. Each Chapel shall be named and registered by the Royal College
    of Arms.
  2. All Chapels shall be led by the appointed Chaplain, and shall
    conduct all rituals in accordance with the official doctrines, as
    outlined in the Grail Grimoire.
  3. All Companions are permitted to worship, individually or
    collectively, outside the Chapel, in any manner they choose, so long as
    no ritual is a flagrant violation of the spirit of the doctrines of the
  4. Offices of the Chapel.
    1. Each Chapel shall have an appointed Chaplain and an
      appointed Minstrel.
    2. In addition, the Chapel shall have the following
      officers, as appointed by the Chaplain:
      1. North Warden, whose badge is Vert, a Pentangle or;
      2. East Warden, whose badge is Or, a Great Sword
        palewise sable;

      3. South Warden, whose badge is Gules, a Spear
        bendwise or; and
      4. West Warden, whose badge is Azure, a Cauldron
      5. Note that a Warden must be at least a Lord.
      6. Each Chapel shall maintain its own copy of the Grail Grimoire.

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