Article VII : Election of the Pendragon.

  1. Continuation.
    1. The Pendragon holds office for life, unless he resigns or is
      removed from office by the Dukes.
        a. One who has served as Pendragon, but resigns or is
        removed from office is called by the title Haut Prince.

    2. Should the Pendragon die, resign, or be removed from office,
      an election for a new Pendragon shall be held at the next Round Table
        a. Should there be a period of time in which there is no
        Pendragon, an interim Arch Duke shall be elected from and by the Dukes.
    B. Election of a New Pendragon.
    1. At the Round Table Gathering, all attending Chaplains and
      Dukes make nominations from among the current Dukes.
      1. A Duke may nominate himself.
      2. Each nomination must be seconded.
      3. All nominees must consent to being nominated.
    2. Once all nominations have been taken, each nominee is allowed
      to address the Assembly.
      1. Each address may be no longer than ten minutes.
      2. No candidate may directly or indirectly address or
        malign another candidate.
    3. After all addresses, each Duke verbally casts his vote.
      1. A simple majority is required for a nominee to be
        elected Pendragon.
      2. In the event a simple majority is not achieved, the two
        nominees with this highest number of votes are again nominated, and
        another vote taken.
        1. This process is continued until one nominee has
          achieved a simple majority of votes.

      3. The new Pendragon appoints one of his Chaplains as the new
        Duke of his Realm.
  2. Removal of the Pendragon.
    1. The Pendragon may be removed from his office only under the
      most dire of circumstances.
    2. The unanimous consent of all Dukes is required to remove the
      Pendragon from office.

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