College of Heralds
Registry Rolls

Here is a very abbreviated list of the various armorial devices ("coats of arms") registered within the Order. The listing is alphabetical, and it includes all the Realms, the Shires of New Avalon, and some of the most important Knights of the Duke's Household. In the near future, you'll be able to follow links to actual graphic representations of many of these shields, so check back soon!

Angaland, Realm of. Argent, on a cross quarterly gules, a Great Sword counterpalewise proper.

Boarsheart, Shire of. Sable, three Boars' heads couped between a Chevron embattled or.

Bors l'Esprit Conquerant, Sir. Or, a Tiger-de-lis gules.

Coventree, Shire of. Azure, a fess dancety argent surmounted by an oak tree couped or, and in chief two incresents argent.

Crosshaven, Shire of. Gules, a Lorraine Cross fitchy at base, and in chief three mullets argent.

Dagonet le Louveteau, Lord. Azure, a Dragon rampant to sinister argeant, and on a Canton or a Wolf rampant to sinister sable.

East Saxony, Realm of. Sable, a Maltese Cross argent.

Falconbridge , Shire of. Purpure, a Falcon displayed to sinister below a crown of three points, all within a bordure of laurel wreath or.

Gawain Ravenshadow, Sir. Sable, a Wolf rampant to sinister maintaining a Goblet, and a chief or with three Corbies close to sinister sable.

Hawkington, Shire of. Or, a Hawk rising with wings elevated and adorsed, and issuant from base a demi-sun gules.

Isolde la Chevalier Bienaime, Madame. Azure, a Winged Lion close sejant, and in chief a Rose argent.

Lancelot of the Red Lion, Sir. Or, a Lion rampant maintaining a Sword gules.

Llyrsbury , Shire of. Azure, on a bend sinister between two Dolphins naiant argent, a Great Axe sable.

Lyongate , Shire of. Pean (or ermined sable), on a bend sinister sable, three Lions sejant or.

Morgain Wolfheart, Sir. Or, a Pheonix rising from flames, and in chief three Mullets gules.

New Albion , Realm of. Per pale argent and azure, a Tower countercharged.

New Avalon , Realm of. Argent, on a bend azure between four Apples gules, a Great Sword proper.

Nova Roma , Realm of. Gules, a Cross quarterly argent, and a Roman Eagle displayed overall sable.

Owain Coeur du Corbeau, Sir. Sable, on a Roundel argent, a Corbie displayed sable.

Percival the True, Sir. Argent, a Wild Cat rampant sable, spitting fire gules.

Somerlee , Realm of. Argent, a Cross quarterly azure, surmounted by the Sun in his glory or.

Tristain le Silencieux Bienaime, Sir. Argent, a Winged Lion close sejant to sinister, and in chief a Rose azure.

West Saxony , Realm of. Argent, a Maltese Cross sable.

Wolfwood , Shire of. Per pale sable and argent, two Wolves passant countercharged.

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