The Household of Duke Gawain Ravenshadow

Here are a few names and photos, taken from the Ducal Household of New Avalon.

Sir Gawain
Duke of New Avalon

Sir Gawain Ravenshadow, Duke of New Avalon.

Sir Percival the True,
Baron of Northmarche.

Sir Percival the True, MDH-New Avalon.

Madame Isolde,
Earl Marshal

Madame Isolde la Chevellierre Bienaime (the Beloved Knight). ODH-New Avalon.

Sir Tristain

Sir Tristain le Silencieux (the Silent Beloved). ODH-New Avalon.

Sir Dagonet

Sir Dagonet le Louveteau:MDH-New Avalon.

Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant

Sir Bors l'Esprit Conquerant,
Baron of Southmarche.

Sir Owain Ceour du Corbeau

Sir Owain Ceour du Corbeau,

Lord Mordred Damien

Lord Mordred Damien.

Lord Galahad Noctambule

Lord Galahad Noctambule.

Lady Dindrane La Fay

Lady Dindrane La Fay.

Sir Morgain Wolfheart

Sir Morgain Wolfheart, BRT.

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