Here is a series of Arthurian Legends, re-told from a completely Pagan point of view. We hope you enjoy the tales in this series.

A Preface to the series.


  1. The Birth of Arthur , told at Midwinter.

  2. The Sword in the Stone , told at Candlemass.

  3. The Battle at Badon Hill , told at Vernalmass.

  4. The Coronation of Arthur , told at Midsummer.

  5. The Wedding of Arthur and Guinivere , told at Welfiremass.

  6. The Abduction of Guinivere , told at Harvestmass.

  7. The Accusation of the Queen , told at Autumnalmass.
  8. The Battle of Camlan , including the Death of Arthur, told on Ancestor Night.

Coming soon -- An alternate seasonal cycle: The Quest for the Grail!


  1. The Squiring of Lancelot , a tale told today when a young man or woman is made a Squire.

  2. The Challenge of the Green Knight , a tale told today when a young man or woman is formally made a Knight.

  3. The Challenge of the Red Knight , a tale told when a Knight is made a Chaplain.


  1. The Tale of Tristain and Isolde , a very different version of this legend, written for the occassion of the Wedding of Sir Tristain le Silencieux Bienaime and Madame Isolde la Chevelierre Bienaime.

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