The Holy Order
of the Faithful Knights
of the Round Table

Who We Are and What We Do

The Religious Knighthood known as the Holy Order of the Faithful
Knights of the Round Table is a faith based upon Modern Paganism,
drawn heavily from elements of Modern Celtic, Druidic, Arthurian,
and Grail traditions. It is our goal to engage in a spiritual Quest for
a mystical object of spiritual transcendence, known as the Grail; and
to be united with one another in an elite group who strives unceasingly
to save the world from chaos and destruction by the negative powers
by which it is constantly threatened, and thus assure balance.

What does that mean in plain language? Well, the members of the
Order hold periodic rituals to collectively worship our gods, celebrate
the cycle of life, educate members, and for other religious and social
activities. We believe in and utilize magic regularly.

Becoming a member of the Order is relatively easy. First read
this site and discover if you really want to pursue membership. Then
e-mail the Order, and someone should be able to answer any questions
you may have, as well as direct you to the Chapel nearest you.

Since we're always looking for (but not actively seeking) new
members, you should be able to get yourself invited to a ritual or two.
After observing a Mass and spending time with members of a Chapel,
you'll have a better idea of whether or not you really want to join.

If you do decide to join, just tell the Chaplain. Barring any
unforeseen circumstances, you'll probably be accepted as a Companion,
meaning you'll be invited to rituals on a regular basis. And that's all
you really need to do.

Now you can go further. We're a Chivalric Order, which means many
of us are Knights. You may decide you also wish to become a Knight. If
so, talk to your Chaplain and other Knights, and you'll be steered in
the right direction. More on this process later.

Who We Aren't and What We Don't

First and foremost, we are not Satanists. No true Pagan is.
Satanism is an anti-Christian religion, using rituals which pervert the
Catholic Mass. Satanists are hedonists who do not believe in striving
for the betterment of the earth or humankind. Or so I'm told; I've
never actually met a Satanist. Our Order does not believe in Satan, nor
in the Heaven and Hell dichotomy.

We're also not Wiccans or Witches. Though we share many beliefs
and customs with Wicca, the Order is a distinctly different branch of
Paganism. Many of our members were once Wiccan, and some still are --
it isn't necessary to renounce Witchcraft to be a Companion of the

We're not Christian, either. But we're also not anti-Christian as
a whole, no matter what individuals may say or do. Christianity as a
faith shares many of our beliefs. However, as an organized religion, it
isn't really compatible with the Order. We're not monotheistic, nor do
we believe salvation can only be found in the person or spirit of

We don't discriminate against anyone. There is as much diversity in
Nature as there is unity. No one who is willing to join our Order is
turned away so long as they agree to follow our codes. No one who fits
the criteria is prohibited from advancing within the Order.

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